petak jul 10 , 2020
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SBM 855
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SBM 855

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SBM 855 Single spin and completely electronic cycle wheel balancer for truck and car wheels. Fully automatic start up, measuring and braking. Thanks to the two speed rotation system, which is automatically selected on the basis of the wheel type, it is able to balance truck, bus and car wheels with high precision. The whole standard program range makes SBM 855 the most complete in its category. Automatic centring is considerably simplified by the pneumatic lifting device which is integrated on the balancing machine. The standard protection hood makes all the user operation safer.


- Aluminium programs (5 for cars and two for trucks)
- Internal positioning of adhesive weights with special gauge (only cars)
- Weight separation (only cars) and balance optimisation

Technichal features

Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1200"
Rim diameter from 10 " to 26,5 "
Wheel width from 1"  to 20 "
Max. wheel weight 200 Kg.
Net weight 248 Kg.
Electric motor 230/V-1Kw-50/60Hz HP
Pression of pneumatic circuit BAR
Balancing speed (rp.m.) 100 giri/min.




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